Business Analyst Programming Projects (at the start of my career)

Zygon Systems, London

Early Career

I worked with my team to develop the company's new abstract framework Z4 to suit client’s needs (to store entire Argos and Electrospeed product catalogues). Moreover, the design and implementation of applications incorporating business objects such as attributes, meta-attributes and entities for n-tier systems, implemented using Borland C++/Oracle SQL via OTL (Oracle Type Library). I was responsible, in particular, for coding the metatadata system. Z4 had the following features:

  • Object relational mapping used to store objects in a relational DB such as Oracle (and support other major relational DBs)
  • Z4 developed using native C++ functions, STL
  • Use of third party Oracle database connectivity library (OTL, Oracle Type Library in C++) providing fast access to Oracle data via a stream
I was also actively maintaining existing "bespoke" client-server system Z3 implemented using Delphi with Oracle SQL.

Quintiles Transnational, Bracknell

Early Career

In the CAIT (Commercial Administrative IT) team, my work focused on the upkeep and enhancement of PayRoll and HR systems, predominantly developed using Borland Delphi with Oracle SQL.

Working in CAIT also involved developing bespoke software solutions to streamline the migration of HR/payroll data from newly acquired firms into the Peoplesoft database, supporting the company's rapid growth by acquisition at >40% annually. This involved implementing import solutions to PeopleSoft's Oracle Database from Microsoft Access with ODBC as well as the coding and maintaining PL/SQL for Triggers, views, and stored procedures.

I was responsible for the development of web and intranet projects including MTC (Medical Technology Consultants), Quintiles QTHV, and the CIT (Continuous Improvement Team) intranet, implemented in NetObjects, HTML, and ColdFusion.

Lopex Group Advertising Agency

Early Career

Predominantly using Borland Delphi with Business Objects and Oracle SQL, the main focus was on developing and maintaining a performance tracking system for marketing staff, focusing on sales incentives.

We implemented software projects for esteemed clients including Ford, Budweiser (Annheuser-Busch), and Ceridian.

We operated within an ISO9000 framework, meticulously adhering to the "Systems Lifecycle" and internal departmental procedures.

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