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Pharmacokinetics Calculator

Technologies employed: Delphi Pascal, Windows 32 API


The Pharmacokinetics calculator is a desktop application that can calculate various Pharmacokinetic variables with ease.

Graphs may be generated from Oral steady state parameters and multiple dosing. The program has an easy to use interface and also provides references for the calculations used.

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Analytical Calc can presently calculate the following: -

  • Oral Dosing
    • Loading doses
    • Maintenance doses
    • Dose & Volume of Distribution
    • Digoxin Loading & Maintenance dose
    • Theophylline Loading & Maintenance dose
  • Steady state concentrations
    • Oral Steady state concentrations
    • Plot graphs of concentration over given duration
  • Elimination Rate constant, Clearance, Half-life
  • Infusion rates
  • Creatinine Clearance
    • Cockgroft-Gault method
    • Jeliffe method
  • Body Surface Area using various methods
    • Mosteller
    • Du Bois
    • Haycock


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