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Aviation Units Conversion

Mass conversion

Kg: Kg
Pounds: lb
(UK) Stone: stone (UK)
Metric Tonne: t (metric)
Volume conversion

Litres: L
(US) Gallons: gal (US)
(Imperial) Gallons: gal (Imp.)
(US) Quarts: quart (US)
(Imperial) Quarts: quart (Imp.)
Distance conversion

Kilometers: Km
Nautical miles: NM
Statute miles: miles
Meters: m
Feet: ft
Speed conversion

Knots: kt
Miles per hour: mph
Kilometers per hour: kph
Meters per second: m/s
Feet per minute: ft/min
Temperature conversion

Fahrenheit: °F
Celsius: °C
Kelvin: °K
Pressure conversion

Millimeters of Mercury: mmHg
Inches of Mercury: inHg
HectoPascal: hPa
Atmospheres: atm
Pounds per Square Inch: PSI
Area conversion

Square Meters: m2
Square Yard: Yrd2
Square Feet: ft2
Square Inches: In2
Square Centimeters: cm2

How Aviation Units Conversions are calculated

Conversion from one unit to another involves multiplication or division of the input unit by the conversation factor of the desired units.

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