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E6BJA Wind and Diversion Visualiser
Holding Pattern Computer
Take-off & Landing distance Calculator
1976 ISA Calculator
Turns Calculator (Rate, Radius, Bank)
GPS and Latitude Longitude Units Conversion
Wind Components
Wind Correction Angle (WCA)
Descent Calculator
Glide Calculator
Leg Time, Distance, Speed Calculator
Track Correction (1 in 60 Rule) Calculator
ETP / PNR Calculator
Fuel Calculator
Weight, Arm, Moment calculator
PMAC, MAC Calculator
Pressure Altitude
Density Altitude
Cloud Base
Dew Point and Relative Humidity
Mach number
True Air Speed (TAS) from IAS
Indicated Air Speed (IAS) from TAS
Ground Speed (GS)
Load Factor from Bank Angle
Aviation Unit Conversions

Aviation Units Conversion

Mass conversion

  • Kilograms (Kg)
  • Pounds (lb)
  • (UK) Stones
  • Metric Tonnes

Volume conversion

  • Litres (L)
  • US Gallons (US Gal)
  • Imperial Gallons (Imp. Gal)
  • US Quarts
  • Imperial Quarts

Distance conversion

  • Kilometers (Km)
  • Nautical miles (NM)
  • Statute miles
  • Meters (m)
  • Feet (ft)

Speed conversion

  • Knots (kt)
  • Miles per hour (mph)
  • Kilometers per hour (kph)
  • Meters per second (m/s)
  • Feet per minute (ft/min)

Temperature conversion

  • Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Celsius (°C)
  • Kelvin (°K)

Pressure conversion

  • Millimeters of Mercury (mmHg)
  • Inches of Mercury (inHg)
  • HectoPascal (hPa)
  • Atmospheres (atm)
  • Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

Area conversion

  • Square Meters
  • Square Yard
  • Square Feet
  • Square Inches
  • Square Centimeters

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