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More articles coming soon! Meanwhile, research papers Jamie has written can be accessed from the Publications section.

Articles on Computer Science

Pioneering DNA-Storage Technology - Encoding Data in DNA [LinkedIn]   Discusses research work on the nascent DNA Storage technology at Imperial College London.
King's talk - Encoding Data in DNA [Slides]   Powerpoint slides to the talk I gave at the MatBio (Mathematics for Bioinformatics 2021) conferece in King's College London on our work done at Imperial College on Encoding Data into DNA
Fifteen quick tips for HPC users [LinkedIn]   This short executive summary (bullet pointed tips) of my educiational paper "Fifteen Quick Tips for Success with HPC, i.e. Responsibly BASHing that Linux Cluster" published at PLOS Computational Biology.
Distributed Computing in a Pandemic [LinkedIn]   Outlines research work on the application of Distributed computing, Cluster computing and Supercomputing for crucial COVID-19 research tasks.
Reproducibility, Standardisation, Fault-tolerance and Deployability in Computational Pipelines using Nextflow Workflow Language [LinkedIn]   Discusses work done at the ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) to improve reproducibility of Next-generation Sequencing pipelines, standardising them, making them fault-tolerant and more deployable as well as interoperable.
Bioinformatics Guest Lecture - Next-Gen. Sequencing and Transcriptomics [Slides]   Slides to the Bioinformatics Guest Lecture that I gave jointly to M.Sci and B.Sc students at the Department of Computer Science, Royal Holloway.
The Analysis of High-Throughput Biological Datasets Utilising Distributed Computing   Full text of my PhD Thesis
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Dr. Hugh Shanahan, Royal Holloway University of London].

Articles on Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine

Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands   Full text of my Masters Thesis "Characterisation of Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands"
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Prof. Brian Austen St. Georges Hospital Medical School].
Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands [Slides]   Powerpoint slides of "Characterisation of Neuroprotective PDZ binding ligands" including subsequent Immunohistochemical analysis.
[Jamie Alnasir, project supervisor Prof. Brian Austen St. Georges Hospital Medical School].
A literature review of G-quadruplex ligand binding assays   An intoduction to G-quadruplex ligands and a literature review of their binding assays
[Jamie Alnasir & Owez Madhani].
BNP & NT-Pro BNP diagnostic markers for Heart Failure [Slides]   Summary of a meta-analysis of the Diagnostic accuracy of BNP and NT-ProBNP in the diagnosis of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure
[Based on original review published in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry by Clerico, Fontana, Zyw et al]
Hypertension and Pharmacological intervention   The mechanisms regulating blood pressure within normal limits and pharmacological interventions to correct abnormalities in these mechanisms
[Jamie Alnasir]

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