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Dr. Jamie J. Alnasir M.Pharm (Hons) Ph.D.
Researcher (Computer Science & Molecular Biology)

I was awarded my Ph.D. for my Research at the Center of Systems and Synthetic Biology (CSSB), Department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London (doctoral superviser: Dr. Hugh Shanahan). My research interests include: DNA-Storage, Next Generation DNA and RNA sequencing, Large-scale and Distributed Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Neuroscience and Pharmacology. I have published a number of research papers on these discplines and presented results at various conferences. My portfolio sub-sections discuss my projects in further detail. Currently, I work in the SCALE Lab Lab at Imperial College London.

Initially, I started working commercially in software development. However, my passion for science, in particular chemistry, led me into the medical field where I obtained my Masters in Pharmacy (M.Pharm) - a joint course run by Kingston University and St. Georges Hospital Medical School. I then pursued and obtained my doctorate in Computer Science at Royal Holloway, thereby reconcilling my Scientific and Computing backgrounds.

Computer programming / Research Software Engineering

In my computer programming career, recent focus has been on Research Software Engineering, working at the ICR (Institute of Cancer Research). There I provided consulting in software engineering, High-performance computing and Workflow languages to support researchers. I also specialise in mainly in OOP (Object Orientated programming) utilising predominantly the Java, Python, Delphi, and C/C++ programming languages. In the commercial arena I've also worked with SQL - predominantly MySQL and Oracle Client/Server, and n-tier systems as well as PL/SQL running directly on Oracle RDBMS. I have developed and maintain a number of database-driven web projects in PHP/MySQL.

In my academic career I have tought and undertaken marking of various BSc Computer Science modules to undergraduate students, such as Java Object Orientated Programming, Robotics, and Computer Graphics. I delivered the guest lecture at Royal Holloway for the Bioinformatics (CS3110/CS5110) module. This focused on Next-Generation Sequencing and Transcriptomics [ Read Overview ]. I have also assisted with the delivery/teaching of a the Large scale data storage analysis module of the MSc Data Science to postgraduate students - read more about this on my Royal Holloway site.

Of particular interest to me is the application of Computer science to Chemical, Biological and Medical problems. This has manifested in a number of projects that I've been actively developing (See IT Portfolio and Research).


I am a keen photographer and have completed a Diploma in Photography with the Institute of Photography. I am a member of the Royal Holloway Photography society.

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