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Jamie J. Alnasir MPharm (Hons)
PhD candidate (Computer Science & Molecular Biology)

I am a Research PhD. Candidate employed at the Center of Systems and Synthetic Biology, department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway University of London. My research areas are Next Generation DNA sequencing, RNA Seq,  Distributed computing, Computational Biology, Structual Biophysics and Bioinformatics, read more about this on my Royal Holloway site. My portfolio sub-sections discuss my projects in further detail.

Initially I started working commercially in software development, however, my passion for Science, and Chemistry led me into the medical field where I obtained my Masters in Pharmacy (M.Pharm); a Joint course run by Kingston University and St. Georges Hospital Medical School.

Computer programming

Initially in my computer programming career, I specialised in mainly in OOP (Object Orientated programming) utilising predominantly the Delphi and C/C++ programming languages. In the commercial arena I've also worked with SQL (predominantly Oracle), Client/Server, and n-tier systems as well as PL/SQL running directly on Oracle RDBMS.

In my academic career I assist with the teaching/marking of various BSc Computer Science  modules to undergraduate students such as Java Object Orientated Programming,  Robotics and Computer Graphics. I also assist with the delivery/teaching of a the Large scale data storage analysis module of the  MSc Data Science to postgraduate students - read more about this on my Royal Holloway site.

Of particular interest to
is the application of Computer science to chemical, and medical problems. This has manifested in a number of projects I've  been actively developing (See IT Portfolio and Research).


I am a keen photographer and have recently completed a Diploma in Photography with the Institute of Photography. I am a member of the Royal Holloway Photography society.

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