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E6BJA Flight Computer App (Apple)
Traconi, August 30, 2023
Similar apps want to charge $10 for simple calculator functions that they’ve tried to fluff up with awful UI. This app is everything I need exactly where I need it without any unnecessary cosmetics.
Andy M907, January 24, 2023
The successful E6BJA Flight Computer is finally on IOS. The must have app for anyone in aviation, be you a Pilot, Dispatcher,Flight Planner or anyone else. Everything you need is in one one place.
Ministry Bob, January 26, 2023
Probably all the functions you’ll need from as a pilot. Looks good and works well
E6BJA Flight Computer App (Android)
Klaus Herman, Feb 4, 2024
As a fairly serious flight simmer, I have been using the free version of the E6-B, however I've upgraded to the Pro version as it includes several features of interest such as bank angle/radius calculator and holding pattern calculator. When installed on a repurposed cell phone, the E6BJA Computer provides all the convenience and functionality of the expensive hand held units for an extremely minimal investment. Outstanding support is provided by Dr. Jamie Alnasir, Ph.D., the developer.
Evan Christner, Oct 4, 2023
Incredible app. I absolutely love that the equations for each calculation are included!
David Lee, April 29, 2023
Really easy to use and has lots of great features. Great customer support from the developer!
Krystal Martini, April 5, 2023
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for this app. I'm also grateful for the in-depth explanation of calculation formulas
Brian Smallman, April 1, 2023
Brilliant software, thanks so much.
Jeffrey Symonds, March 26, 2023
Everything you need and a very intuitive UI! The description of each function at the bottom of the page is a great feature!
Richard Murray, September 7, 2022
I'm an old school chart and pencil navigator who, from a yachting background and not used to whizz wheel type devices, found this excellent App to be really useful to check my own ham-fisted and mostly approximate calculations. Well done.
Michael O'Connor, September 12, 2022
A useful app to give the same functionality as the pilots whizz wheel. Handy for in cockpit use quick, efficient and less prone to human error as opposed to the whizz wheel. Good to also confirm your whizz wheel calculations, if you decide to gradually get used to it (like me). Thanks to developer for creating this.
Maria Isabel Jimenez-Lopez, January 24, 2023
Very good app. Easy to use and well put together.
Chris Palmer, September 1, 2022
Fantastic App ... easy to use and well presented. 10/10
Shafat Hasan, September 1, 2022
Amazing app, has all the features you'd need with quick tips for mental calculations. Much needed app!
AirWeatherNOTAM (Pilot's Weather) App (Android)
Klaus Herman, Feb 5, 2024
Great, basic, no frills, app which allows you to call up ATIS like info, including runways, NOTAMS and TAF for virtually any airport you type in, provided it is equipped with a weather station. When combined with the E6BJA on a repurposed phone, you will find this app is an extremely useful supplement for flight simulator use, easily exceeding the capabilities of many freestanding calculators. Excellent support is provided by developer Dr. Jamie Alnasir, Ph.D.

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