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Perform various aviation and flight related calculations with this E6BJA online computer. Now available as an Android app on the Google Play Store and as an Apple iOS app on Apple App Store

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E6BJA Wind and Diversion Visualiser Calculate and visualise the effect of wind on flight path and speed, and plan diversions accordingly.
PLOG/NAVLOG Generator Generate a PLOG (Pilot's Log)/NAVLOG (Navigation) log of legs, with wind corrected headings, groundspeeds and waypoints.
Wind Components Determine the crosswind and headwind/tailwind components that influence take-off, landing, and cruise.
Wind Correction Angle (WCA) Maintain the desired course in wind conditions by calculating necessary adjustments to the heading.
Holding Pattern Computer Visualise and plan holding patterns and entries for periods of air traffic congestion or waiting for clearance.
Climb Calculator Plan climb, including when to stop and at what rate.
Descent Calculator Plan descent, including when to start descending and at what rate, based on a chosen glidepath slope.
Glide Calculator Calculate glide distance and altitude loss, crucial for planning emergency procedures.
Leg Time,
Distance, Speed Calculator
Plan and track progress along each leg of the flight.
Track Correction
(1 in 60 Rule) Calculator
Correct track errors using the 1 in 60 rule, a key navigation principle.
Take-off & Landing distance Calculator Assess required runway length for take-off and landing under various conditions.
Calculate the Equivalent Time Point and Point of No Return, important for long-range and overwater flights.
Fuel Calculator Convert between mass and volume of fuel, important for flight planning and fuel management.
Weight, Arm, Moment calculator Carry out aircraft weight and balance calculations, crucial for safe flight.
PMAC, MAC Calculator Calculate the Percentage Mean Aerodynamic Chord for use in weight and balance calculations.
1976 ISA Calculator Determine the standard atmosphere conditions for a given altitude, important for flight planning and performance calculations.
Pressure Altitude Determine pressure altitude, a key variable for flight performance calculations.
Density Altitude Compute density altitude using pressure altitude, essential for performance calculations.
Cloud Base Estimate the cloud base using temperature and dewpoint spread, helpful for visual flight rules (VFR) planning.
Dew Point and Relative Humidity Calculate dew point and relative humidity, key factors for weather predictions and aircraft performance.
Mach number Compute Mach number using altitude and speed, essential for high-altitude and high-speed flight planning.
True Air Speed (TAS) from IAS Calculate True Air Speed from Indicated Air Speed, crucial for accurate navigation and fuel planning.
Indicated Air Speed (IAS) from TAS Compute Indicated Air Speed from True Air Speed, important for adherence to air traffic control instructions.
Ground Speed (GS) Determine ground speed from true airspeed and wind, vital for accurate navigation and timekeeping.
Load Factor from Bank Angle Calculate load factor and stall speed from bank angle, key for understanding aircraft limitations and performance.
Turns Calculator
(Rate, Radius, Bank)
Compute turn parameters such as bank angle, turn radius, and rate of turn, crucial for precise maneuvering.
GPS and Latitude Longitude Units Conversion Convert between different units of latitude and longitude, as well as GPS coordinates.
Aviation Unit Conversions Convert between different units for mass, volume, distance, speed, temperature, and pressure.

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